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Ottawa Breastfeeds was created to help provide Ottawa and regional families with easy access to information about the many sources of breastfeeding support. It also serves to enhance a breastfeeding friendly community by providing breastfeeding curriculum for teachers, information for businesses to support breastfeeding mothers, and information for breastfeeding mothers regarding a supportive workplace.

This website is a volunteer project with plans for additional information. If you have suggestions for changes or questions, please contact us. We value your feedback!



Need a Breast Pump?

A baby’s natural way of feeding is directly at mother’s breast. Sometimes, for various reasons, this is not possible.

Need a Drop in Clinic?

Reliable professional breastfeeding care is an important part of your breastfeeding experience.

Need a Private Visit?

Private consultations with an IBCLC offer the benefit of skilled one-on-one help with breastfeeding.

Need peer support?

Help From Those Who Have Been There and Done It!

Need General Baby Support?

Thinking of having a baby and wondering about breastfeeding?  Need Breastfeeding Classes?

More Information on Various Services

Need more information on various breastfeeding support services?

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